TB’s Technical Hub.

Breathe new life into your old or damaged devices at unbeatable prices. We repair mobile phones, tablets, gaming consoles, PC’s and more!

Who we are

About Us

Why throw away when you can repair? At TB’s Technical Hub, we are passionate about making technology work for you, while saving you money in the process. Our friendly and courteous staff are more than happy to extend the life of your old or damaged devices, at prices that won’t hurt your pocket.

what we do

Our Services

We offer repair services ranging from Mobile Phones, Tablets, laptops, PC’s and Gaming Consoles. Our professional and courteous staff will do their best to facilitate your needs in a timely fashion.

Laptop Repair

We handle all major laptop brands such as Dell, Apple, Asus, HP – with repairs ranging from battery replacements, RAM replacements, Hard Disk issues, Network problems (and more).

Computer Repair

We handle all major PC brands such as Dell, Apple, HP, Gateway – with repairs ranging from RAM replacements, Hard Disk issues, Graphics Card and Network Adapter problems (and more).

Game Console

We handle all major console brands such as Sony, Microsoft and Nintendo – with repairs ranging from Disk Drive, Hard Drive, Fan, Motherboard and Power Board problems (and more).

Phone/Tablet Repair

We specialize in all major Apple and Android devices, with repairs ranging from Screen, Battery, Camera, Speaker, Charging Port replacements (and more).

what we do

What Problems Can We Fix?

Cracked Screen

We do screen replacements for most Apple and Android mobile phones and Tablets.

Low Battery Health

We do battery replacements for Apple and Android Mobile Phones and Tablets. We also replace laptop batteries.

Hard Disk and RAM

We replace/upgrade RAM and Hard Disks for Laptops and Desktop PC’s. We also repair Hard Disks for Gaming Consoles.


Cooling and Power Supply

We resolve power supply issues for all devices, and replace fans for all Consoles, Laptops and Desktops.

Front and Back Cameras

We replace front and back cameras on Mobile Phones and Tablets.

our mission

Why Choose Us?

Why throw away when you can repair? At our core, we believe that a dollar saved is a dollar earned, and we aim to help our customers earn more. We pride ourselves serving our customers with professionalism, competence and timeliness.


our process

How It Works


You'll schedule and appointment with us

This can be done via this website, phone call or social media.


We'll contact you to arrange a meeting

We meet at select locations throughout the Trinidad. ID verification may be needed for security purposes.


We'll meet with you to perform a diagnostic

At this stage, we’ll attempt to determine what issue(s) your device may have and provide you with a price and timeframe estimate for the repair. 50% downpayment is required.


We'll repair your device

We’ll perform the required repairs and update you along the way where necessary.


We'll return your device

We’ll contact you again to have your repaired device returned to you, at which time, you’ll pay the balance.

Satisfaction Guaranteed

Quality Service

We pride ourselves on providing quality repairs, performed with professionalism and timeliness.

Repair Warranty

We offer warranty on all repairs, of varying durations depending on the nature of the repair.

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